Prepping the vanilla version:

Before you get started, there are a few things you need to go over. First, you need the "Game of the Year" edition, which includes all of the DLC for the game. Also, you should be aware of your PC specs, and what type of install you will be able to handle. Finally, you should be aware that installing to your c: drive can cause a slight increase of major glitches and crashes. It is very rare, but still highly advised to install outside of where Windows is installed (c: drive) in most Bethesda modding environments. All of this is gone over in detail in the Welcome Video, so you can be sure you are ready to install 

Once you have your game downloaded, open your game's launcher to the options area, select your monitor's resolution, and turn off antialiasing and anisotropic filtering. Make sure your do these right, as you will never be able to access the vanilla launcher again after the major mods are installed

Finally, you need to make sure your game's .ini files have been generated. In your file browser, go to (Documents>My Games>Fallout3) and make sure these 2 files are there:

1) Fallout.ini
2) Falloutprefs.ini


Installing the Mods:

Now it is time to install the mods, and the 2 tools you are going to use are the ModList and Spreadsheet. The ModList shows you how to download and install the mods, while the Spreadsheet shows you all of the descriptions, authors, and type of mods. In order to install, you need to follow the ModList from top to bottom, which means you cannot skip or reverse direction during the install

There are tags for the mods with their descriptions at the top of the ModList, and many mods will have different tags that are important in determining how it should be installed based on different things about your game version or PC specs. Just pay close attention to which mods have tags and what type of tags they are and the rest of the information on the ModList are the download links for the files, what to install out of the files, and where to install them. The Installation Tutorial above has a section on installing mods from the ModList and also goes over the tags in more detail


Final steps:

You can now use the 4gb ram patch which increases the amount of ram the game can use. In your Fallout 3 game folder, start the program called the "4gb patch.exe" and it will pull up a file browser. Navigate to your Fallout 3 folder and you are going to use it on the "Fallout3.exe," "FalloutLauncher.exe," and the "fose_loader.exe." Once all 3 files are patched, you will see ".backup" files made and then this step is done

The last thing to do is activate the mods with the mod manager, which is located in your Fallout 3 game folder. Look for "New FOMM-640-0-13-21.exe" and use it to install the Fallout mod manager to your Fallout 3 game folder. Once installed, you can open it, right click a mod, and "check all" to activate the mods. Then, go to "load order" up top, and import the load order provided to you in the Fallout 3 game folder. It will be a ".txt" file with a version # and (load order) in the name. Once you have done that, go to "tools" in the mod manager and make sure "Archive Invalidation" is activated. Finally, close the mod manager to enable the settings and you are ready to play!



Before you start playing:

Fallout 3 Remastered is now installed, but there are some potential glitches you should be aware of, and how to easily fix them. Bethesda games can crash sometimes with a lot of mods, but it should still be very rare depending on your PC and how many are installed. Mods themselves can also have glitches (quests, NPC's, items, etc) so if you have any issues, check the FAQ first and most issues will be listed with their fixes and if not, join our discord to chat with the team and we can assist you. You can also chat with the with other players, suggest other mods, and keep up with updates and new releases in the discord as well, so join to engage with the community

Thank you for playing and Happy Adventuring!