Setting up Vanilla:

This part is simple. All you have to do is download and make sure it is not installed on your C: drive in your computer. (You can install there but might have glitches) It would be best to install to a different hard drive on your computer, if possible.

If you already have Fallout 3 downloaded but with ANY mods, you definitely need to delete your "Fallout 3 goty" game folder, and reinstall to get back to the vanilla version. You probably can’t manually take out whatever mods you added so this is the 100% way to make it right.

Once you have vanilla Fallout 3 downloaded, start up the launcher, go into options, and fix your screen resolution. Once you have your screen resolution selected, turn off Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering. This will be the last time you can enter the launcher so make sure these are right.

Check for these files: 
(Documents>My Games>Fallout 3) Fallout.ini
(Documents>My Games>Oblivion) FalloutPrefs.ini
(If not there, redo the launcher steps and re-check)


Installing the Mods:

Now it's time to install the mods. So the two tools you will use is the ModList and the Spreadsheet. The ModList tells you how to install the mods and the spreadsheet tells you all of the info about the mods such as descriptions, mod type, and their authors. To install, open the ModList and install from top to bottom only. The install order is very important as files are constantly overwriting each other. At the top of the ModList is the legend that shows you how to install each mod so once you understand what's there, you are good to install the mods. 

Finishing up:

Now open your “Fallout 3>4gb_Patch.exe” and select the “Fallout 3 goty>Fallout3.exe” , “Fallout 3 goty>Fallout3Launcher.exe" , and the "Fallout 3 goty>fose_loader.exe." You will then see “.backup” files be made for all of those .exes in your "Fallout 3 goty" folder. Once you are done, you can install the mod manager. 

To install the Mod Manager, just open the “GeMM> fomm.exe” inside your "Fallout 3 goty" folder and install it to your Fallout 3 game folder. Once installed:

  1. Right click the mods on the left and "Check all"
  2. Go to "Load Order> Import" and select the "(Load Order).txt" inside your "Fallout 3 goty" folder
  3. Go to "Tools" and make sure Archive Invalidation is Active

Close the mod manager for the settings to take effect


That's it, Fallout 3 Remastered is installed! Now you just use the "fose_loader.exe" inside of your Fallout 3 game folder to launch the game and everything should work normally. Report any bugs to the Discord and if you want to update in the future, just pay close attention the the Patch Notes and you can make your additions from there. You can also download the Gamehub for hands-free installs and updating.

Thank you very much for playing!