This is the AMG Roadmap for the remastering of Fallout 3, a game that touched many hearts throughout the years. Fallout 3 helped define a generation of games centered around a post-apocalyptic, open-world genre and helped set the tone for RPG games many years after its release. With that being said, it is timeless in nature and is great to replay, so for this, we are determined that this game should be passed on for future generations to come.


The plan:

  • Develop initial modpack 
  • Add Multiplayer Support (Co-op) 
  • Add PvP arena battles and online leaderboards 
  • Host PvP tournaments with cash prizes 
  • Rebuild the game into Fallout 5s engine 
  • Reimplement Co-op and PvP support
  • Submit all resources to Bethesda for public distribution


Here's how we are going to do it:

Develop initial modpack - This is the best way to introduce some really good work done by the community over the years. The size of the modding community is also the best way to measure how important a remaster is. We make the best compilation of featured mods and determine what mechanics, features, and content the players want in a full remaster of the game. 

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Add multiplayer support (Co-op) - We are working on what infrastructure is necessary for multiplayer connections, determining how it affects the user, the game, and its playability. We are examining the current resources and are looking into providing the funding to expand upon the research. Once Co-op connections can be established, the system will be refined and released to the public.

Add PvP battles and online leaderboards - We will work on expanding the infrastructure for Co-op, and set up PvP battles, in a lore friendly setting. We then can relay game information like wins and damage through the Gamehub and into AMG's servers for online leaderboards. We could then even implement a plugin to display that data in an in-game menu or display.

Host PvP tournaments with cash prizes - Once we have leaderboards established, we can do things like host PvP tournaments on Youtube and Twitch so people can see who the best of the best is. We would then spice up the action with cash prizes that grow as AMG grows!

Rebuild the game into Fallout 5's engine - As AMG and its staff grows, we are developing the tools needed to easily translate game data from Fallout 3, into Bethesda's next project, Fallout 5. As ambitious as it sounds, Bethesda will have the game released within just a few years, and it's modding platform will be more advanced than ever. We then will use pre-existing tools to translate most of the data from Fallout 3 to a stripped version of Fallout 5.  Then it will take some fine tuning and a complete remake of a lot of the meshes and textures, which will take the most time. This would then also be a split between the new Fallout 3 Remastered project and the version for the base game, which would then be referred to as Fallout 3 Remastered (Legacy Edition) 

ETA: 2-3 years after project start

Reimplement Co-op and PvP support - It is unclear if co-op could be in the base game of Fallout 5 or not, but assuming it isn't, we would refer to pre-existing co-op support modules for the earlier games and re-implement them in the same way. We would then move the PvP arena battles to the new game

Submit all resources to Bethesda for public distribution - At the end of the development of Fallout 3 Remastered in the new engine, all resources would be submitted to Bethesda for playtesting and approval to then finalize and release on their terms. We would then also release all the multiplayer infrastructure as they are re-implemented. This is the final goal of the project, as this version of Fallout 3 would last easily another 15-20 years without an notice of aging, and also last even longer in terms of stability and replay quality. It would then be up to Bethesda to release new DLC and also the mod making community to do their thing to keep the game alive even longer.