This is what The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion should be in 2021. This is lore-friendly, easy-to-install, and will add hundreds of hours of content to the game. It also overhauls the graphics and mechanics for a great experience.


This is the Roadmap for the Oblivion Remastered mod pack


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Recommended Specs:
Intel i5 generation CPU or above (Or AMD Equivalent)
8Gb of DDR4 RAM (If DDR3, Have 10-12 Gb)
Nvidia GTX 1050 or above (Or AMD Equivalent)
SSD Storage! 1 HDD is too slow for your OS + this Game  

Install the mods to Oblivion remastered manually   Install the Oblivion Remastered Mod pack using the gamehub automatic installer

The ModList is a very detailed document on installing Oblivion Remastered manually, while the Spreadsheet is a database of the mods used, their authors, and light descriptions. These can show you everything about the project


Patch Notes for the Oblivion Remastered Mod Pack