This is what 2021 Oblivion should be. This is lore-friendly, easy-to-install, and will add hundreds of hours of content to the game. It also overhauls the graphics and mechanics for a great experience.




  • Graphics Overhaul - To put it simply, tons of new textures and old ones upgraded. New HD Character models and a realistic underwater environment
  • Mechanics Overhaul - There's tons of new features such as duel wielding, new sprint mechanics, new fighting mechanics, faster horses, the ability to pet creatures and command mounts, camping, war factions with the surrounding areas (that you can also explore with new content), new worlds, etc.
  • Quest Overhaul - This adds tons of quests ranging from smaller community quests to larger guild quests and even new factions to join entirely. +600 hrs
  • Tamriel Overhaul - All of the Major Cities are wayy bigger and there's tons of new content spread around the world. Too much to describe really.
  • NPC Overhaul - There are tons of new characters introduced randomly and from the various quest mods so you don't feel like the world is just a gamespace but now a living, breathing environment. No more empty cities or roads!
  • New Worlds - There are two entirely new worldspaces that are comparable to Cyrodil itself and the quests to back it up. In other words, tons of content!

And a whole lot more!

Windows 10
Oblivion on Steam
GOTY or GOTY Deluxe

Recommended Specs:
Intel i5 generation CPU or above (Or AMD Equivalent)
8Gb of DDR4 RAM (If DDR3, Have 10-12 Gb)
Nvidia GTX 1050 or above (Or AMD Equivalent)
SSD Storage! HDD only is too slow for your OS + this Game