Our mission is simple, it's to make older video-games easily playable, convenient, and to update them for all future generations to come. Over time many games have faded into obscurity and it's sad to see, but with some love and care, these games can truly be timeless. Generations of people have played video-games now and it seems like the older you get, the more younger people do not even know about the games you played when you were young.

We aim to fix that. We want to make all the games we work on timeless by updating them from assets made by a community of very dedicated, and talented modders as well as discovering new methods and making advanced catalogs and tutorials to keep these games alive.  



We have gathered a team of extremely committed people dedicated to finding, integrating, and patching mods that take a vanilla version of a game, and revives it in the most lore friendly way possible. Alot of funding has to go into full time developers that handle everything from making changes to mods as well as building the software that installs everything. We also wish to fund the development of the multiplayer functionality of all the games we work on that do not have it. This can range from Co-op to Pvp and even full on tournaments with global leaderboards, all tied into one piece of software.

AMG will also make a direct contribution to EVERY mod developer, whos work is enjoyed by our community because a lot of time and effort has went into the modding community and the makers truly deserve to be rewarded. Every mod we work on and develop will always be free to the community in the hopes that we can revive the interest in these great titles. AMG is primarily a non-profit group designed to simply make well-loved games better, and easily accessible to anyone who wants to enjoy them.



We are working extremely hard to finalize the software and implement server functionality while simultaneously updating our existing modpacks as well as building new ones. We are also working to expand the team, primarily from members of AMG's own community! The best way to stay updated is through this website, Discord, Levi's Youtube, and also just playing the games we work on. You will definitely see the progress as we go, and we will also work to implement as many features as we can into the website that lets you know everything that's going on. This includes an accurate roadmap for releases/updates, a very advanced mod catalog where you can learn about everything we use, contributions to mod authors and developers, and many other things to let you know how committed we are to bringing you the best experience possible.

We appreciate your support very much and we hope that you are happy while playing our projects <3