The Gamehub is our highly sophisticated file manager. Its a great place to host all of our projects as it has all the functionalities needed to make your game the best it could possibly be. Hundreds of hours of development went into this and its just the starting point for some of the best modding projects ever made! We will soon be able to host user accounts and combined with the multiplayer mods and a fancy pvp system, The Gamehub will allow us to host global leaderboards for various things and allow the community to play easily with each other.

Access to The Gamehub requires you to be an AfterMarketGaming member which is only $3 a month but allows us to fund the development of some amazing things. If you want to take advantage of automatic installation, you will want to download The Gamehub and also "Become a member" from down below.

See you there!

Unavailable until May 8th